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The Tomb of Sargeras was opened again, and the demons of the Burning Legion invade our world. They focus all of their power to the invocation of the black titan in Azeroth ... and they already know where is the key to bring him back to life. The Horde and Alliance are devastated, you alone are able to take you to the most prodigious arms of the Warcraft universe, surveying ancient Shattered islands in search of relics of the Titans and challenge the Legion before last hope of Azeroth disappears. Arm yourself with courage, champion. The extinction is imminent.

Dominate your enemies as a demon hunter, a pariah among the elves, banished for daring to handle the terrible powers of the Legion. Featuring a supernatural mobility and sensory acuity, the demon hunters draw into forbidden powers when the situation demands, while adopting terrifying corrupt forms. Follow the path of devastation, to destroy all who stand across your path with burning demonic attacks, or specialize in Vengeance and endure the wrath of the most powerful demons.

Only the best warriors of Azeroth have the strength to wield legendary weapons against the Burning Legion. The power of your weapon, a myth alone is growing at the same time as yours, and your choices alter the capacity and appearance, and the use you make of the fight. Shape your weapon to do the fighting instrument by excellence, and guide your faction in its darkest hours.